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August 25, 2021

It was another hot day both inshore and offshore but it did not stop our boats from heading out there to see what was biting.  The Baltimore Canyon was the fishing ground of choice for all of our boats today.  First back to the dock was the crew of the ‘Marli’ returning with their limit of both tilefish and dolphin and they also had a yellowfin.  Next we had the ‘Cabana’ return with 3 yellowfin, 1 mahi, and a swordfish.  The guys on the ‘Reel Chaos’ released a blue marlin and a white marlin.  The ‘Big Stick’ had a blue release, a white release and they also caught 1 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The ‘Boss Hogg’ had a white release while the ‘Buckshot’ caught 3 dozen mahi and 2 yellowfin.  Finally we had the crew on the ‘Pumpin Hard’ returning with a white marlin release.  Looks like we have a good bit of boats going out again tomorrow so we will keep you posted!

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