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August 19, 2022

It was definately a tournament style day here at the marina where the parking lot was packed and the slips were empty all day.  We had many boats head out today for the Poor Girl’s tournament in search of the fish.  The Washington Canyon was the grounds of choice today with many of our boats finding success there.  First back was the crew of the White Lightning returning with a white release.  Next was the guys on the Lights Out also releasing a white marlin.  The crew of the Buckshot had 2 blue marlin releases, a white release and a yellowfin tuna.  The team on the Big Stick had 2 yellowfin and 2 white releases.  Finally we had the C-boys return with 2 white releases.  One more day to go in the tournament and it looks like we are in for another exciting day so stay tuned!!

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