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September 28, 2019

Quite a few boats fished out of Sunset today with near perfect conditions on and offshore. Heading to the Washington Canyon today was the ‘Marli’  returning to the dock with 45 dolphin, 1 yellowfin, and 1 released swordfish and white marlin, the ‘Pumpin Hard’ catching 4 dolphin and 1 swordfish, and the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 60 dolphin. Venturing to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘Zipper’ releasing 4 white marlin, the ‘Buckshot’ releasing 5 white marlin, the ‘C Boys’ catching 2 dolphin and releasing 5 white marlin, and lastly the ‘Grande Pez’ catching 1 yellowfin, 2 dolphin, and releasing 1 white marlin.

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