Micron 66 Antifouling Paint


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With unique Biolux SPC technology, Micron 66 provides multi-season protection against fouling organisms—whether the boat is moving or not.

Unique among ablative bottom paints, the acrylic copolymer formula of Micron 66 with Biolux® reacts with saltwater at the paints surface to release biocide and prevent marine growth. Because the formula relies upon a chemical reaction and not water friction, Micron 66 is a great choice for boats that remain stationary in their slips for long periods of time.

Micron 66 self-polishes and becomes smoother with use. This reduces drag and fuel consumption. The polishing action of this paint also reduces the need for sanding when the time comes to repaint.

Unlike boats painted with traditional hard antifouling paints, boats painted with Micron 66 can also be hauled and re-launched without a need to repaint.

NOTE: Micron 66 is not suitable for use in freshwater.

Key Features

  • Provides multi-season protection in all fouling conditions
  • Suitable for powerboats and sailboats
  • Self-polishing formula reduces drag and fuel consumption
  • Reduces the need for sanding at haul-out
  • Good choice for boats that remain stationary at docks or moorings

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