Cukote Antifouling Paint


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High in copper and with its hard ablative formula, Cukote is a good choice for recreational and commercial boats.

As its name implies, Cukote is heavily loaded with copper, which makes this bottom paint a top performer, even in heavy fouling conditions. As a copolymer ablative paint, Cukote offers several advantages over hard, modified epoxy-based paints. First, it self polishes as the boat is used, which eliminates the build-up of paint over time, which also reduces the need for sanding when the time comes to reapply. Second, as Cukote self-polishes, fresh biocide is constantly released and the hull remains smooth and clean. Third, hulls painted with Cukote can be hauled and kept out of the water without a loss of antifouling effectiveness, so you can paint in the fall and launch in the spring.

As a hard ablative paint formulated to wear slowly away, Cukote is a good choice for fast moving recreational and commercial boats. Cukote is a great choice for all waters, including heavy fouling tropical waters. Cukote may be applied to below the waterline to fiberglass, wood and steel boats with haulout intervals of less than three years. Do not apply on aluminum hulls. Offered in Dark Blue, Green, Teal, Red, Light Blue, Black, White. 

Key Features

  • Self-polishing ablative with multi-season performance. 
  • Ideal for fast moving recreational boats and fast moving commercial vessels, including high speed transports, supply vessels and ferries.
  • Out of water storage does not affect antifouling effectiveness.
  • Good choice for fiberglass, wood, and primed steel hulls.
  • Self-polishing formula reduces paint build-up. 
  • Not for application on aluminum hulls.

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