Biocop TF Antifouling Paint


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Biocop TF Antifouling Paint uses ablative, dual-biocide technology to fight hard shell fouling and slime.

With its dual-biocide ablative formula, Biocop TF delivers multi-season protection against hard and soft marine growth. Biocop TF accomplishes this via a polymer binder system that is engineered to optimize the release of copper, which prevents hard shell fouling, and zinc omadine which prevents slime. 

As an ablative paint, Biocop TF slowly wears away or “self-polishes” at a controlled rate as the boat is used. The benefit of this slow wearing process is threefold: First, fresh biocide is constantly released for unbroken antifouling effectiveness. Second, the build-up of old, spent paint is reduced along with the need for sanding at haulout. Third, as Biocop TF wears away or “self-polishes”, drag is reduced and fuel efficiency is enhanced. Biocop is a good choice for salt-, brackish and freshwater on fiberglass, wood and steel hulls. Do not apply to aluminum hulls. Not for sale in States where prohibited by law.

Key Features

  • Copper biocide prevents hard growth
  • Zinc omadine prevents slime
  • Polymer binder system optimizes biocide release
  • Constantly releases biocide for unbroken antifouling effectiveness
  • Slow wearing formula reduces paint build-up 
  • Self-polishes with useDelivers multi-season antifouling protection

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