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October 1, 2018

Double digit white marlin fishing the 1st of October? That’s right! The Washington Canyon was the hot spot for the white marlin today, as every single one of our boats ventured that way. Returning to the dock first was the ‘Osprey’ catching 22 dolphin and releasing 9 white marlin, the ‘Marli’ catching 60 dolphin and releasing 2 white marlin, followed by the ‘D.A. Sea’ who returned from an overnight trip releasing 13 white marlin and 1 blue marlin, the ‘Fish On’ catching 5 dolphin and releasing 6 white marlin, the ‘Buckshot’ releasing 9 white marlin, the ‘No Quarter’ catching 15 dolphin and releasing an impressive 11 white marlin, and finally the ‘My Gal Sal’ finishing off the fleet with a fantastic day releasing 4 white marlin and 1 blue marlin. As you can see the white marlins aren’t going a place, so be sure to check back in for all of the action down here on the docks!

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