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Ocean City Maryland Inlet Alert

Ocean City Maryland Inlet, Federal Channel Observations 6/30/21

Please see Bathymetry survey, of Inlet, conducted June 17, 2021

Be advised while adequate water is available for most recreational vessels to safely enter the OC Inlet the following information should be considered for those without local knowledge. Navigation observations as of 6/27/2021. These observations are intended to provide some current local knowledge and should be used as a tool when determining your approach. In no way are these soundings considered absolute and the responsibility for navigation decision lies solely with the vessel Captain. These waters change daily the possibility of such changes should be considered by the vessel operator. A bar has formed on the South side of the Federal Channel as you approach the commercial harbor between Green Marker 11 and Red 12. Vessels requiring navigable water depth of greater than four feet (4’) should consider this information when transiting the area. UPDATE 6/30/21 Green Marker 11 has been relocated to the NW and Red Marker 12 Twelve has been moved to the North. These Markers may appear to be off station when viewing a plotter or paper chart. The repositioning of these Markers improves the approach dramatically. Be aware these changes will not be reflected on digital or paper charts, therefore sight corrections are necessary. 


OC INLET LIGHTED BUOY GREEN 11 (LLNR 4755) NEW POSITION 38-19-38.815N, 075-05-45.950W

OC INLET LIGHTED BUOY RED 12 (LLNR 4757) NEW POSITION 38-19-39.488N, 075-05-48.389W

Detail Approach observations: After passing Red Markers 8 &10 Leaving them to your starboard side (For Incoming traffic), locate Red/Green OC Junction to the North. Honor the OC Junction buoy on your approach.

As you near the Red/Green OC Junction Buoy look to the west and locate a large yellow house with a green roof, this house is located a just north of Red Marker 12. Head towards the Yellow House until you are inline Red Marker 12. Approach Marker 12 closely. After passing Red Marker 12 look for the entrance to Sunset Marina in 500’, just after the Grey house with the Bright Blue roof.

Apart from the small bar that has intruded into the Federal channel at Marker 12 the rest of the Inlet is in good condition. There are no issues once you enter the Marina basin, and you are in the privately maintained waters.

Boats that do not require significant draft should consider this notice as well. The current conditions are going to force larger boats to crowd the red side of the Channel, at this pinch point while leaving or returning the Commercial Harbor or Sunset Marina. If your vessel does not require deeper water, please make space for those who do.

Dredging Schedule: The “Currituck”, the US Army Corp Dredge Ship, was scheduled to perform maintenance dredging in this area the end of June. The Currituck is currently out of commission for repairs. We have been told the “Murden”, Sister Ship, will be arriving in late July to address this issue. We will make every attempt to update the condition of the Inlet as information becomes available.

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