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June 26, 2021

What a great day we had here at the marina!  The boats started rolling in before noon and they just kept steady trickling in throughout the day.  Most of our boats once again headed out to the Poorman’s canyon today.  The First back to the dock was the ‘Hydrosphere’ returning with 13 yellowfin.  Next we had the ‘Fish On’ with 17 yellowfin, followed by ‘Fish Tricks’ with 6 yellowfin, the ‘Marli’ with 11 yellowfin, the ‘White Lightning’ with 8 yellowfin and a mahi, the ‘Troublemaker’ with 6 yellowfin and finally the ‘Lady Gemini’ with 8 yellowfin.  Also fishing in the Poorman’s was the ‘Reel Chaos’ with 16 yellowfin, the ‘Knot Again’ with 8 yellowfin and a white release, and the ‘Boss Hogg’ with 12 yellowfin and a dolphin.  The ‘Whisky Kilo’ fished in the Washington Canyon today and had 12 yellowfin and a big eye.  Fishing alongside them was the ‘Hall Pass’ with 4 golden tilefish and a yellowfin.  The ‘New Release’ fished at the Rockpile today returning with 30 tilefish as did the ‘Second Chance’ returning with 1 yellowfin.  Our only boat fishing at the ‘Norfolk’ today was the ‘Blood Money’ returning with 6 yellowfin and a blue marlin release.  Should be another exciting day here tomorrow with the final day of the small boat tournament, so be sure to check back and see what happens!

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