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June 26, 2019

The heat wave did not stop our boats from heading out today to see if they could find the fish bite once again.  The strategy seemed to be divide and conquer as they all went to various different fishing grounds.  First back to the dock was the crew of the “Osprey” who returned from the Chicken bone with a 64″ bluefin tuna weighing in at a whopping 141 lbs!  The “Zipper” chose to head to the Washington canyon and came back with 7 yellowfins and 1 dolphin.  Fishing in the same area we had the “Roll Groove” who returned with 4 yellowfin and 1 dolphin.  The crew of the “C-Boys” went to the Wilmington Canyon today.  They came back to the dock with 7 yellowfin and 2 dolphin.  Lastly fishing the in the Baltimore Canyon we had the crew of the “Boss Hogg” who returned with 6 yellowfin tuna.  Fishing alongside them in the Baltimore canyon was the “Fin Razr” who caught 5 yellowfin, 5 dolphin, and released a white!

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