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June 20, 2024

It was a great day to have the summer solstice !  The sun is still shining bright and everyone is still enjoying time at the Marina.  Whether they are indulging in a cocktail at Teasers, enjoying a nice dinner at the Grille or walking the docks to take in the view of our boats pulling back in, the atmosphere feels electric!  We didn’t have quite as many head out today but those who did were fishing out of the Washington Canyon.  The crew of the “Boss Hogg” had 4 yellowfin.  The “Marli” returned with a yellowfin and the “Moore Bills” had 2 yellowfin.  The “Christine Marie” had a white release and finally the guys on the “Lights Out” had 2 white releases and 15 yellowfin.  The ice orders are still coming in this evening so it looks like a decent amount of boats will head out again tomorrow.  Be sure to check back for the latest report!

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