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June 18, 2019

The yellowfin tuna bite is on fire! So good, that most of our boats are returning back to the dock with their limit before 3 pm! Venturing out to the Washington Canyon today was “Southern C’s” catching 19 yellowfin, the “Osprey” returning with 16 yellowfin and 1 dolphin, and the “Boss Hogg” catching 18 yellowfin and 1 dolphin. Heading out to the Poorman’s Canyon was the “Double J” who returned with 14 yellowfin, the “Marli” with 18 yellowfin, the “Zipper” catching 3 yellowfin, and the “Primary Search” who returned with 19 yellowfin and 1 dolphin. The Baltimore Canyon was also a canyon of choice today for the “Pumpin Hard” who returned with 18 yellowfin while also releasing 2 white marlin, as well as the “Rippin Lips” who returned with 18 yellowfin. Stay tuned as this yellowfin tuna bite only seems to be getting better and better!

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