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June 17th, 2017

If anybody said they weren’t fishing the Poor Mans today- they were lying! The Poor Man’s was full of Tuna today- resulting in great catches being brought back to the docks!

Both the ‘Siren’s Song’ and Theresa Jean returned with 2 Bluefin, and both the ‘Marli’ and ‘Pumpin Hard’ came back with 3 Yellowfin. The ‘Rhonda’s Osprey’ had 7 nice Yellowfin to bring back from their day, who is docked right next to the ‘Fish Tricks’ who had 3 Bluefin and 4 Yellowfin. The ‘Espadon’ crew had 3 Bluefin, 1 Dolphin, and 1 Big Eye. The ‘Reel Chaos’ returned with 5 Yellowfin, 3 Big Eyes, and 1 Dolphin. The ‘Tighten Up’ came in later with 3 Bluefin and 2 Yellowfin, followed by the ‘No Slack’ with 1 Yellowfin.

We also have some exciting news to mention- the first White Marlin has been released out of Ocean City! The ‘Reel Buster’ was the lucky boat to release the White worth $11,000, and best of all, they store their boat right here in Sunset Marina’s Boatel!

1 Day remains in the Small Boat Tournament, however with only 1 boat fishing tomorrow don’t expect any big changes to the leader board. The MSSA Tournament at Atlantic Tackle also continues its final day tomorrow, so there will certainly be some action continuing on the docks to finish out the weekend.

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