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June 17, 2021

The tuna bite remains hot and we had quite a few boats head out today returning with some amazing catches!  The Washington Canyon was the hot spot with all of our boats reporting from there today.  The crew of the ‘Marli’  had an early day returning with 18 yellowfin before noon!  Right behind them was the ‘Osprey’ also catching 18 yellowfin while releasing 7 more.  The ‘Fish On’ caught 15 yellowfin and also released a white marlin.  The crew of the ‘Reel Chaos’ had 12 yellowfin and a nice big eye tuna in the icebox.   The ‘Pumpin Hard’ had 18 yellowfin and behind them returned the ‘Lucky Duck’ with 12 yellowfin.  The ‘Second Chance’ had 3 yellowfin and a white release and finally the ‘Grande Pez’ returned with 9 yellowfin tuna.  Registration kicked off today for the Tunas and Tiara’s tournament so be sure to stay tuned it looks like a healthy number of boats will be fishing tomorrow!

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