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June 12,2020

We finally had a good weather day, allowing a decent amount of boats in our fleet to head east.. The lone boat that went to the Baltimore Canyon was the ‘Osprey’ catching 8 yellowfin tuna. The remainder of the boats went to the Poormans Canyon and had a great day of fishing. The first back to the dock after a terrific day offshore was the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 18 yellowfin, the ‘Double J’ returned to the dock with 8 yellowfin, the ‘Roll Groove’ catching 14 yellowfin tuna, the ‘Blue Eyes’ catching 10 yellowfin tuna , and lastly the ‘Pumpin Hard’ catching 8 yellowfin tuna. The tuna seem to have arrived as we look forward to what the weekend will bring!

Speaking of tuna, a quick reminder that the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is just around the corner! This year the tournament will be held July 10th-12th at the Ocean City Fishing Center. For more information, check out there website at https://octunatournament.com/

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