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July 7, 2019

With the last day of the Canyon Kickoff hosted by the Ocean City Marlin Club, it was sure to be an exciting night down on the docks and at the scales. And that it was! Venturing out to the Baltimore Canyon today was the ‘No Quarter’ catching 2 dolphin and releasing a blue marlin, the ‘Marli’ catching 2 yellowfin and releasing a white marlin, the ‘Cabana’ catching 4 dolphin and releasing a white marlin, the ‘Boss Hogg’ catching 3 yellowfin, 1 dolphin, and releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘C Boys’ catching 1 yellowfin and 3 dolphin, the ‘Fish On’ catching 2 yellowfin, the ‘Brenda Lou’ catching 1 yellowfin and 1 white marlin, the ‘Roll Groove’ catching 2 yellowfin and 4 dolphin, and lastly the ‘Gret’s 3 J’s’ catching 1 yellowfin, 3 dolphin, and releasing 1 blue marlin. The blue marlin caught by the ‘Gret’s 3 J’s’ was enough to win them the bill fish release category in the Canyon Kickoff, so congrats to the crew!

Venturing out to the Poorman’s Canyon today was the ‘Buckshot’ returning with 2 dolphin and releasing 3 dolphin and the ‘Second Chance’ releasing a blue marlin.

Congrats to all winners and participants of this year’s Canyon Kick Off! We look ahead to next week as captains and crews prepare for the annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament!

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