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July 30, 2020

It was definitely a change of pace today at the marina with more and more tournament boats coming in daily and we also had a healthy number of boats head offshore today.  The Poormans was where they found the fish today.  First we had the ‘Zipper’ return with 1 yellowfin, followed by the ‘Marli’ with 7 yellowfin.  The ‘Pumpin Hard’ had 3 white releases and 4 yellowfin.  Next was the ‘C Boys’ with 2 white releases, a wahoo, and 5 yellowfin.  The ‘Electric Bills’ had a white release and the ‘Full Pull’ released 2 whites, a blue marlin, and caught 1 yellowfin.  Finally was the ‘Roll Groove’ with 4 dolphin and 3 white releases.  The ‘Osprey’ was our only boat in the Massey’s today returning with 9 yellowfin.  Looks like a lot of boats are heading out again tomorrow.  Good luck to all the lady angler fishing the 12th annual Heels and Reel tournament!

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