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July 3, 2024

Today was a great prelude to the holiday weekend with lots of excitement here at the Marina!  We lots of families making use of the amenities here both poolside and at the restaurant.  We also had several boats head out offshore in search of the tuna and marlin bite today and the fish did let them down.  The Balitmore Canyon was the hot spot fishing grounds of the day with all of our boats reporting from there.  First back to the dock was the crew on the “Shotski” returning with 1 mahi and 7 white marlin releases.  Next we had the “Marli” return with 5 yellowfins in the box.  The team of the “Boss Hogg” had 3 yellowfin and 2 mahi while the guys on the “Pumpin Hard” had 2 yellowfin.  The “Reel Chaos” returned with 3 dolphin and a yellowfin and the “Reel Toy” had 5 yellowfin in the ice box.  The “Top Dog” had 5 white marlin releases, the “Sea Hag” had 8 white marlin releases, and the crew of the “Pachanga” had 4 white releases.  The “Roncito” returned with 4 yellowfin and finally the “Reel Tight” gang had 6 white marlin releases.  Looks like a fair amount of boats will be heading out again tomorrow and I am sure the rest of our patrons will be enjoying their holiday time here enjoying the lovely amenities we have to offer!

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