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July 2, 2016

With day two of the OCMC Canyon Kick-Off today we had some boats on the hunt to place some quality fish!  From what I saw it looked like there were a lot of fish being weighed in down at the scales so make sure you check out the Marlin Clubs website to see the tournament updates.  For our boats fishing today the same story is being told, there are Bluefin’s inshore and you are still able to pick up some quality Yellowfin while releasing a ton and some White Marlin out in the Canyons.  Fishing in the Hambone was the “Marli” picking up a quality Bluefin and the “No Quarter” picked up a Bluefin and ran out and released two White Marlins!  “Osprey” stayed inshore at the Massey’s and caught 3 dolphin and 1 Yellowfin.  Venturing out to the Washington was the “Absolute Pleasure” who managed to catch 2 Yellowfin and 1 Dolphin,  “White Lighting” had a great day catching 2 Yellowfin, 1 Dolphin and 2 White Marlin!  The “Griffin” released a White Marlin in the Baltimore as well.

As you can see the White Marlin’s are starting to show and we are also seeing a good amount of Blue Marlin releases as well.  As keeper Yellowfins are thin right now the boats are releasing a lot of undersized fish to keep the rods bent and picking up quality dolphin.  Day 3 of the Canyon Kick-Off is tomorrow to wrap things up this holiday weekend so there is still tons of action going on around the marina!  Make sure you come grab a drink at Teasers and see all the action live!

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