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July 19, 2020

Boats were rather spread out today as several boats ventured out for marlin, while the others were in search of yellowfin tuna. Fishing in the Poormans Canyon was the ‘Marli’ catching 4 yellowfin tuna, the ‘Roll Groove’ catching 2 mahi mahi and releasing 3 white marlin, and the ‘No Quarter’ returning with 6 yellowfin tuna.

Heading out to the Washington Canyon was the ‘Zipper’ catching 7 mahi mahi.

Venturing out to the Norfolk Canyon was the ‘Theresa Jean’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Griffin’ catching 2 mahi mahi and releasing 2 blue marlin, the ‘Fish On’ releasing 4 white marlin, and lastly the ‘Big Stick’ releasing 1 white marlin.

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