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August 4, 2016

Things are in full swing around the marina as our White Marlin Open boats slowly start to roll in and we are getting that tournament feel around the docks!  As a lot of the boats make their final preparations for next week, we are still having our regular charter boats head out with success.  “White Lightning” fished in the Baltimore and picked up 3 nice yellowfin and 4 dolphin.  In the Massey’s the “Marli” put 3 yellowfin and 1 dolphin in the box with the “Boss Hogg” matching those numbers!  “My Cin” fished in the Poormans and put his charter on a box full of sea bass and tilefish.  If you are looking to put some meat in the box there is still some tunas out there to be caught with us seeing us a nice class of 50lb fish hitting the docks today!

As many of you probably know the marlin fishing up north is still red hot!  We had multiple boats tough out the 100 mile ride up in-between the Spencer and Lindekohl Canyons for multiple releases.  “Reel Chaos” had a great day releasing 8 white marlin, “Billfisher” released 8 white marlin and 1 blue marlin, “Makara” released 10 white marlin as well.  “Reel Joy” stopped in the Spencer Canyon and released 3 white marlin, and caught 1 yellowfin and 2 dolphin!  “Pumpin Hard” was just above the Wilmington and released 6 white marlin today.  It is a hike to get to these fish but this time of year you cannot pass up on this kind of marlin fishing!  It looks like with the calmer weather tomorrow a lot of our tournament boats are going to get some trial runs in so we should see more flags flying!

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