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August 30, 2015

No surprise that white marlin were the target today as the fantastic fishing continues!  All of the following boats fished the Washington Canyon today,  “No Quarter” released 3 white marlin,  “Osprey” released 2 white marlin and caught 6 dolphin,  “Marli” released 4 white marlin and caught 6 dolphin,  “Reel Chaos” released 4 white marlin and caught 3 dolphin,  “My Cin” released 3 white marlin.  The “Boss Hogg” was surprised with a 288lb swordfish while deep dropping which was on the dinner menu for a big mako shark as well as it came to the dock with some nice chunks missing!  They also released 2 white marlin on their trip,  “Grande Pez” released 5 white marlin,  “Brenda Lou” released 1 white marlin,  “Billfisher” released 8 white marlin, and finally the “Espadon” released 4 white marlin along with catching 6 dolphin!    As it looks like the weather is going to continue to be good for the week we shouldn’t be surprised to see flags flying and a lot of them!

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