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August 2, 2019

The Baltimore Canyon was a busy place to be today as all of the boats ventured that way to find a good white marlin bite as next week approaches. Getting back to the dock first, as usual, was the ‘Osprey’ releasing 1 white marlin,  the ‘Theresa Jean’ releasing 1 white marlin, the ‘Reel Chaos’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Bar South’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Let It Ride’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Gret’s 3 J’s’ had an incredible day catching 10 dolphin and releasing 8 white marlin, the ‘Cabana’ releasing 4 white marlin, the ‘Pumpin Hard’ releasing 2 white marlin, and lastly the ‘Goose’ who also had a great day releasing 8 white marlin. The docks are completely full for the White Marlin Open next week, so if you get a chance come check out all the action!

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