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August 17, 2019

It was the final day of the Poor Girls Open, which resulted in a lot of boats out fishing today! Venturing to the Baltimore Canyon today was the DA Sea releasing 5 white marlin, the ‘Max Bet’ releasing 1 blue marlin and 3 white marlin, the ‘Lights Out’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Hubris’ releasing 2 white marlin, the ‘Cabana’ releasing 1 blue marlin, 2 white marlin while also catching 1 wahoo, and the ‘Par Five’ releasing 3 white marlin. Heading North to the Wilmington was the ‘Osprey’ catching 4 dolphin and 1 wahoo, as well as the ‘Texas Tea’ releasing 1 blue marlin. The ‘Bar South’ releasing 1 blue marlin, 2 white marlin, and catching 1 dolphin and the ‘Special Situation’ releasing 2 white marlin. The ‘Fish On’ ventured alone to the 461 Lump which resulted in 2 white marlin releases. Venturing to the Poormans Canyon was the 3 J’s releasing 1 white marlin, as well as the ‘Tighten Up’ releasing 2 white marlin. Finally, fishing out of the Washington Canyon today was the ‘C Boys’ releasing 2 blue marlin and 5 dolphin and the ‘Buckshot’ with 3 white marlin releases. It looks like everyone is gearing up for The Mid Atlantic tournament tomorrow that’s happening next week right here out of Sunset Marina. Be sure to come by and check out the scales!

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