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August 13, 2020

There was a lot of activity at the docks today with the fleet spreading out in search of a good bite.  Our first two boats reported from the Washington Canyon today.  The ‘Canyon Blues’ had a white release and the ‘Roll Groove’ had 2 yellowfin, 4 dolphin, and 2 white releases.  The ‘Gret’s three J’s’ went to the Poormans and had 3 white releases and 1 blue release.  Fishing in the same spot was the ‘Tighten Up’ who returned with 2 white releases and 1 blue release.  The crew of the ‘Second Chance’ went to the Washington Canyon and had 2 white releases.  Finally we had the ‘No Quarter’ who fished in the Norfolk and had 2 white releases and 2 dolphin.  It was another busy fuel day today so it looks like people are kicking off their weekend early and heading out again tomorrow!

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